Breathing is powerful! It’s not just the way you keep your body functioning, but you can use breathing as a major influencing factor on your state of mind. Breathing exercises harness the power of breathing and turn it into a very effective and natural stress relief technique. Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough, but the simple act of breathing correctly can help you reduce stress and tension.

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Breathing to Relieve Stress

Many holistic practitioners believe that breathing is the link between the physical body and the ethereal mind, and scientific studies have shown that correct breathing, and breathing exercises can help manage stress and stress-related conditions by soothing the nervous system.

In fact, the main reason breathing is said to be one of the most effective techniques for relieving stress is because breathing affects the tension in your muscles, oxygenates your body, and influences your thoughts and feelings. Health gurus advise people to focus on proper breathing and to practice breathing exercises on a regular basis.

If you have never tried breathing exercises before try them now.

First go to a quiet location that is free of distractions where you can sit or recline in a comfortable body position. The way you position your body is very important. You must find a position that is free of strain, especially in your neck or back, because that decreases your ability to relax and feel the full benefits of breathing exercises. Even if you are stuck at your desk in the office, relax your back and neck against your chair before you begin.

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Breathing Exercises

Start by focusing on your breathe by breathing slowly but deeply. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Deep breathing means drawing air deep into your abdomen. Don’t just take the air into your throat and breathe out. That’s what we usually do, swallow breathing. You want to breathe in deeply and really fill your abdomen with air.

Now that you’re breathing slowly begin to count your breathes. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 5, and then slowly exhale through your mouth to the count of 6. Continue for at least 2 minutes, and then notice what happens. Notice how relaxed you can make yourself feel.

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