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Welcome to the stress relief videos page on Tranquility is Yours. Let your stress go while watching these videos designed to relieve stress. Scroll down the page, there are eight videos located below. You can also click the tranquil window to the right and travel through the cloud video. Calming imagery can help you relax and relieve stress the same way stressful imagery can make you tense.

The first stress relief video below takes you on a high-flying, but relaxing ride through the clouds. The next video is a slow motion journey through several tranquil scenes. The additional stress relief videos highlight the natural stress relievers available everywhere around us; a sunset, the beach, the ocean, a waterfall, the moon and a cliff over the ocean.

When you allow yourself to soak in and appreciate peaceful imagery you can experience moments of stress relief. Try it here and see if it works for you. Concentrate, mediate or just daydream while watching the videos until you begin to feel relaxed. The guided imagery can be an extremely helpful meditation tool for reducing stress and can be a very effective stress relief method.

Try it now. Sit in a comfortable position and allow yourself to focus on the imagery. Release your tension and let your stress go while focusing on the relaxing imagery.

You can also incorporate some breathing exercises while watching the videos. For instance, breathe in through your nose to the count of six and breathe out through your mouth to the count of seven and let your stress go.

Find your inner peace. Come to this page to relax. And if you want to listen to relaxing music visit our stress relief music page.


Tranquil Clouds


Tranquil Scenes


Tranquil Sunset


The Beach


The Ocean




The Moon


The Cliff