In this age of technology and constantly being plugged-in it’s so important to have some way to relieve stress.  So why not try stress relief you can drink? The one aspect of technology that has made life a little more stressful is that it is nearly impossible to unplug. We stay signed-on and tapped-in day and night. Whether it’s online or the phone you’re probably side shot of man drinking a beverage out of a glass for stress reliefsending a text, a post, a tweet or a chat, and your available downtime is taking a real beating. The time that was once reserved for relaxation has not only diminished it’s practically gone, and the use of technology in whatever form is eating away at it.

Liquid Stress Relief

Whether it’s good stress or bad stress we have to unplug, because the body and mind need time to decompress from stress to function well.

There are several tools to use as stress relief remedies like relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, scented candles, and many others. Sometime it can even be as simple as taking a hot bath or shower to get started on the road to relieving stress.

Another tool being used more and more often are relaxing drinks as natural stress remedies. Beverages designed to kick-start your stress relief. Like a hot shower, these drinks can be used to lead you in the direction of relaxation. Designed to relieve stress and effective for natural anxiety relief, each beverage has no caffeine, low or no calories and is made with all natural ingredients.

Here’s a quick look at four drinks used as stress relief remedies.

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a can of Zenify stress free drink to relieve stress

Zenify Stress Free Drink

Zenify is a stress relief drink designed to reduce stress while keeping you sharp and focused. It’s an all natural beverage made of antioxidants and is said to contain “25 times more stress-relieving antioxidants than green tea.” It also relieves stress without drowsiness.

a can of Just Chill tropical beverage for stress relief
Just Chill Tropical

Just Chill is a tropical blend designed to reduce stress and increase focus. It contains more than 150mg’s of Suntheanine per can, plus it’s low calorie, low sugar and a gluten free beverage.

a bottle of Calm calcium drink to relieve stress

Natural Vitality Natural Calm

Natural Vitality’s Calm Plus Magnesium-Calcium Drink supports magnesium and calcium in the body. This formula also includes Vitamin D and C and it’s vegan.

a box of Kava stress relief tea
Yogi Herbal Tea

And if tea is your preference, there are plenty of herbal teas available for stress relief. Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief Caffeine-Free Tea Bags combine relaxing herbs with cinnamon and sarsaparilla to mix warmth with spice.

These drinks do more than just allow you to calm down. They also elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, while rejuvenating your mind and body. Whether it’s with a stress relief drink, relaxation exercises or an Epsom salt bath, you’ve got to give yourself downtime to relieve stress.

So set aside some time to let go and relax between of your next digital update. Try stress relief you can drink to move you in the direction of some much needed downtime and relief from stress.

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