Stress Relief Music

Featured Music by Heath Patrie

Listen to relaxing music or what we are calling stress relief music here. This page provides quick access to beautiful music created by one specific artist.

The featured artist is Heath Patrie. His music is beautiful, soothing, relaxing, engaging and unique. Tranquility is Yours started promoting his music years ago when it was featured on

The relaxing expression of Heath Patrie’s music draws you into a peaceful place.

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Jims Favourite – Live – Rhodes with FluteBy Artist, Heath Patrie

Genre: Mood.”Jim Bedores Favourite” from April Ark 192 by Heath Patrie. Released: 2004. Track 5 of 11. Genre: Mood.

Click the arrow above to listen to  ‘Jims Favourite – Live – Rhodes with Flute‘.

Click the link below for First Snow – Flute with SynthBy Artist, Heath Patrie

‘First Snow’ from Heath Electric by Heath Patrie. Released: 2007. Track 11 of 11. Genre: New Age.

Click the link above to listen to ‘First Snow’ by Heath Patrie.

Click the link below for ‘Freeform’ as stress relief music.

‘Freeform’ from April Ark 192 by Heath Patrie. Released: 2004. Track 2 of 11. Genre: Mood.

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