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Stress-related disorders are on the rise due to our complex and constantly changing world. Symptoms of
fear and anxiety within our population have skyrocketed over the past decade. How can you find comfort in an age of anxiety? Meditation techniques can help shift your mind from stress to tranquility.

woman facing a sunset with her hands up over her headWhat happens to rational thought in stressful situations? Rational thought gets pushed aside by stress building thoughts, which can disrupt your concentration and your sense of inner peace. You can learn to generate stress-reducing thoughts through guided imagery meditation.

Imagery meditation can help some of us reach a meditative state quicker than other forms of meditation. When you allow yourself to focus on tranquil scenes the imagery can help you reach a distinct level of peace and tranquility. Meditation techniques like imagery meditation can open a clear mental path to help you think your way through life’s events and better evaluate the degrees of safety versus danger.

Basic Meditation Techniques

Basic imagery meditation is the focus of Tranquility is Yours. Imagery meditation can help you empty your mind of unproductive thoughts and allow you to reduce stress by rekindling positive energy. The visual imagery powers your ability to discover your inner resources and refuel your outer expressions. Our stress relief videos are the featured meditation technique on Tranquility is Yours.

It can take time to master meditation without using meditation tools like imagery or visualization. Your mind can tend to wander and your thoughts may continue to race while you’re trying to empty your mind and release pressure. Imagery like the videos offered on this site can trigger your mind to let go and allow you to deepen the experience of inner peace and tranquility that meditation provides.

Mala Beads are another meditation tool used to help gain control when you are unable to stop rehashing stressful moments.

Traditional Mala Beads, 9mm – Black Meditation Mantra Beads

Guided Imagery Meditation

Meditation is nothing new, but it has become widely used to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Surf the links and find out if meditation is right for you. You can also visit our video page and meditate with the tranquil scenes offered here at Tranquility is Yours. The tranquil videos are a highly effective tools for meditation, and they are the special feature at Tranquility is Yours. Use the videos to heighten your ability to clear your mind. Use them as your meditation tool. You may be surprised at how quickly you begin to feel the stress leave your body and your muscles relax.

Banish Unwanted Thoughts During Meditation Forever

If you want to find people in your area practicing meditation in groups, visit Meetup and get connected. You can also try our breathing exercises for relief from any stress or tension. Breathing exercises can provide immediate release from stress and anxiety. Yoga also offers a series of breathing exercises. Our Yoga page provides a link to some very good posters of Yoga poses. Good Yoga illustrations are not easy to find. The Yoga Posters and Step-by-Step Yoga DVD are very descriptive and useful for beginners, and if you just want to focus on relaxing, our relaxation exercises page has a few stress relaxation exercises that will help you feel completely relaxed. We also have a page focusing on Crying, which may give you a different perspective of this natural form of stress relief.

For stress relief tips click here. To relieve stress coupled with depression visit our light therapy page. To bathe your stress away visit our Epsom salt page, and to soothe stress and depression away visit our aromatherapy, or self hypnosis page. You can also play your stress away with our stress relief game.

Tranquility is Yours is also linked to WebMD. On our WebMD page you can browse the latest headlines in alternative medicine, and find links to WebMD Answers on issues surrounding living well.


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